Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Why are Christmas trees no longer a good choice for fundraisers? show

Q. What caused the shortage of Christmas trees? show

Q. Where do Christmas trees come from and why are they so hard to get at wholesale prices? show

Q. Are Wreaths & Garland a good choice for fundraisers? show

Q. We always were left with dried out trees that we could not sell and had to pay someone to haul them away. Is that a problem with Wreaths? show

Q. Others have told us that Wreaths are really easy to sell. Is that true? show

Q. How do we know what sizes and types to offer? show

Q. What is the best way for customers to care for their wreaths? show

Q. We have been told that “dipping” helps Wreaths last longer. Is that true? show

Q. Another group across town found Wreaths at a lower price. What is the difference? show

Q. Is it true that Wreaths need to be made from high-elevation branches? show

Q. Some say that Wreaths, hand-tied with wire are better. What do you think? show

Q. What about shipping to our location? show