Choose The Best Supplier For Your Situation!
3 – Important Things to Think About

^  A LOCAL presence is important;  with a real facility and a real person to talk to.
….. not manufacturing – almost all are made in Pacific Northwest rural areas.

^  EXPERIENCE is essential and some suppliers have decades of it, but others come and go every year – we know them all.
…..Old Summit is the wholesale branch of PATCHEN california, in the same two locations since 1969.

Perishables need proper care, and dependable DELIVERY *. Wreaths coming by UPS from the Midwest spells trouble.
….. our supplier is 12 hours away and has been delivering Holiday greens for over 100 years.

* Perishables are shipped to our warehouse, near Los Gatos, where they are cared for until you are ready for pick-up or delivery.