Pre-Cut Trees Fundraisers

Of the 30 million trees sold in the USA, virtually all being sold in the West come from the Pacific Northwest. There is a shortage of trees there that is likely to last several more years, making it almost impossible to get small quantities (less than 700 ) for fundraisers. Nursery chains, Home Depot, and other big-box stores have them under contract, which has ended what was once a decade-long oversupply of trees at bargain prices.

Many fundraisers these days are substituting Wreaths and Garlands, which are not affected by the shortage. Even though the profit margin per-item is less, the overall profit can be greater. They are much easier to sell, easier to manage, and sales volumes can be two to three times that of trees. Wreaths are also far less risky because there is no need to order and make large deposits months ahead of time.