Tree-Fresh Products
All Biodegradable & All Made in USA
Fresh-PatchInstalled by retailers to supply moisture and additives. Stops mold, helps the tree "drink", & prevents sap build-up.NoMess-PackCombination of Crystal-Fresh with Bio-Bag. Can be co-branded with your logo, etc.
Bio-StandNo clamps or screws. It's made of wood and water proofed wood fiber - totally biodegradable. Throw it away with the tree.Tree-Fresh
Sample of each Tree-Fresh product for evaluation.
Crystal-FreshCrystal FreshOrganic polymer absorbs 400 times its weight of water. It keeps the tree hydrated and prevents splash and spill.POS DisplayCan be used for any Tree-Fresh product - specify which at check out.
Bio-BagSpread it on the floor; then tree & stand go on top. Makes clean up simple.